At Airfoil, we fly your story to places you haven’t imagined and beyond. While known in the technology industry, NVIDIA—a computer graphics genius—wanted to showcase its work with domestic automakers. In the absence of “hard news,” Airfoil used creative storytelling to make NVIDIA a known automotive player in Detroit and nvidia-logoSilicon Valley.

To measure success, we developed a program that enabled us to see the growth of NVIDIA’s media relationship. At the beginning we started with less than 25 percent media recognition across the auto and tech industries. At the end, 97 percent of those not only knew NVIDIA, they became familiar with their story.

To begin the conversation, we led NVIDIA through dozens of speaking and event engagements. Showing off NVIDIA’s thought leadership chops at venues such as CAR MBS, CES, SAE World Congress, Ward’s Interior Conference, Connected Car Expo and Telematics Update.

To put meat on the bones, we threw down NVIDIA’s commitment to the domestic automakers with the opening of its automotive technology center in Ann Arbor, Mich. Results? 11 proactive pieces of coverage in top publications such as Forbes, Engadget and Crain’s Detroit Business.

To leave a lasting impression, we left them in good hands. NVIDIA’s automotive business had $1-2 billion worth of business already booked over the next several years.

Know where to start. How to talk. Where to beef up and how to always leave them wanting more. That’s how we fly at Airfoil. Onboarding now.