The Challenge

Quantiphi, an AI and machine-learning company, was looking to generate new sales leads in the U.S. In order to meet their aggressive growth goals, they’d need to resonate with buyers in a diverse range of target markets, explain how their complex technology could solve their biggest challenges, and be able to reach qualified leads at different stages of the decision process.

The Airfoil Solution

Airfoil set out to attract the right kinds of customers through targeted, high-quality, customer-centric content that could be used across a wide array of communication channels. Our work began by exploring the unique needs and challenges for potential customers across the media, healthcare, retail, and insurance sectors. By understanding the distinct needs of each audience, we created content that would help solve their pain points – content that was aligned to key search terms that would drive buyers to the Quantiphi brand. We then developed a range of materials: A long-form downloadable eGuide, multiple blog posts, social content, and email campaigns that drove engagement and new sales opportunities.

The Results

In 90 days, Airfoil’s efforts generated 12,000 visitors to content we developed for Quantiphi. Our efforts created more than 300 net-new leads for Quantiphi, as well as new engagements with more than 2,000 existing prospects. The content we developed increased traffic to Quantiphi’s website through paid search, paid social activities, email marketing, and organic pageviews.

Key Stats


new sales leads in 90 days

Engagement with more than 3,000 existing prospects

We Provided

Persona Development + Content Strategy + Content Development + Lead Generation