Peloton Technology

The Challenge

Peloton Technology develops connected and automated vehicle technology that aims to  innovate platooning in commercial truck fleets. A recent product announcement marked a huge milestone for the company, a major moment for the connected vehicle and trucking industry -- and a unique set of challenges to address in its target market.

The Airfoil Solution

Our first order of business was to demystify misconceptions around the technology and its potential impact on the trucking industry. In the weeks leading up to the Automated Vehicle Symposium, we developed storylines around Peloton’s unique vision and approach. We then hosted 15 briefings with key media and analysts in technology, consumer, and automotive to generate high-quality coverage.

The Results

Peloton owned two-thirds of the targeted media share-of-voice compared to its competitors, representing a 55% boost due to our product launch coverage. Airfoil’s media relations strategy resulted in 33 unique articles, generating 1,500 social shares and a 108% increase in website traffic.

Key Stats


website traffic increase


media share-of-voice among competitors


unique articles from launch

We Provided

Media Strategy + Media Relations