tumblr_m00kbwbNKC1qd6vs5o1_400As the days of 2014 are behind us, a new year – and a new set of tech pageantry and gadgetry – is upon us as the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show looms. And, like a rabid gambler sniffing out the hottest table, Airfoil will be there uncovering trends and making predictions about the technology windfalls of 2015.

From the latest, most disruptive work around wearables, drones, and the nebulous “Internet of Things”, to the seedy underbelly of what it means to attend the largest, international tradeshow in the heart of Sin City, someone needed to bust this $hi+ wide open, and Airfoil is volunteering as tribute.

By day, we will be opening up the heart of the show floor to dissect and show you the best, the brightest and the slightly off-beat organizations pumping out innovative ideas. We will be covering topics including everything from “odd couple” partnerships between companies, big topics and tech companies noticeably absent from the show, to “why are you here?” coverage of the unexpected, non-techy companies making a stand at CES.

As the sun sets on the strip stay tuned and learn more about what happens at CES “after dark,” from “CES or streetwalker” fashion faux pas to taxi cab confessionals and conversations with random men and women on the street about the latest news coming out of the show. What happens in Vegas will not stay in Vegas. Not this time. #CESUncovered #CES2015