In our newly released Cleantech Point-of-View, we urge the automotive industry to adopt the flexible, fast-to-market strategies of the technology industry, and points out that tech developers have much to learn from best manufacturing practices developed by auto companies. 


Alternative Energy Vehicles, Clean Technologies Going Mainstream – Pipe Dream or Reality? points out that an elemental difference exists between the way the auto and technology companies reach out to the marketplace, but lays out five steps that auto and tech companies should take to communicate better with each other, raise America’s manufacturing prowess and accelerate advanced technologies, including alternative-energy vehicles.


We are at a major crossroads impacting where we can take this country—our manufacturing base, automotive industry and cleantech sectors. We need to re-industrialize the United States; create careers (not just jobs); cost-effectively manufacture sustainable goods; be on the leading edge of technology; and become a world leader in clean, sustainable products, including alternative energy vehicles.


Now is the time for all of us—Detroit, Silicon Valley and everywhere in between—all communicators, analysts, the automotive industry, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, the U.S. government and states across the country to make the appropriate investment in our future, right here, right now.


— Rich Donley