It’s been a few weeks since the LA Auto Show press days have come and gone. It’s become obvious over the past few years that social and non-traditional media are continuing to gain respect and attention at traditional events and trade shows – but it became most apparent to me during, and especially, following the LA Auto Show. Traditional media, automakers, suppliers and their representatives were all following the social media highlights surrounding the show – more so than I have noticed in previous years.


Ford was even posting Twitter messages on a giant board as it unveiled its new North America version of the Ford Fiesta. Attendees could get the latest updates, news, highlights and excitement surrounding the vehicle launch not only on their mobile devices, but also on the big screen while they made their way through the LA Convention Center. Large companies have finally recognized the benefits gained from engaging with non-traditional audiences, communities and media and even making it easier and more convenient for them to access updates and news bits.


Some of my favorite sites to check motor show coverage are the CNET Reviews Car Tech blog (click here for a cool wrap up on interesting innovations Brian Cooley saw at the LA Auto Show), the MotorTrend blog site and autobloggreen. While these outlets are some of the largest Web sites out there in terms of auto and technology, I like that their blog writers and podcasters include some of the quirky, behind-the-scenes tidbits on auto shows.


These kinds of outlets give a good mix of hard news, commentary and reviews, so keep them and others in mind when trying to find out what’s “hot or not” at the auto shows, and when putting together a complete and robust public relations trade show media plan and approach.


What are your favorite news outlets (traditional or non-traditional) for getting the scoop on major trade shows?


— Jenn Korail