While reading a blog post by PR Newswire’s Sarah Skerick, I found myself thinking about how much we encourage our clients to leverage social media. But are we taking it to the next level in our profession?

Skerick’s post, When Will PR Catch Up with 2009? It's Time to Make Pitches Easier for Journalist-Twitterers to Use , focuses on a disgruntled journalist who received a pitch for a product launch that followed all the “traditional” best practices of  creating a pitch in that it was well written, succinct and compelling. As PR pros, we know that journalists are more pressed for time than ever as staff reductions continue to occur. We work hard make their job easier by providing them all the details they need in our press releases, offering expert sources, photos, etc.  However, what this pitch lacked and what many PR pros may not be considering in their pitches and press releases is the social media component.

The best tip I found in Sarah’s post was to include a “tweetable” link in pitches and press releases, both the headline and shortened URL fitting within Twitter's 140 character limit so that anybody looking to post the information can do so with a simple copy and paste.

Tip: When creating the URL, use services that offer measurement tools such as HootSuite. Providing the URL through HootSuite will give you the advantage of being able to track how many people click on the link the reporter or others post to Twitter.

— Deana Goodrich

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