Last week, Airfoil Michigan said good-bye to its Southfield office, a place we’ve called home for a decade. As we finalize the space at our new office in Royal Oak, we’re announcing the entire staff of Airfoil Michigan will be working remotely until November for what it has deemed “Remotober.” That’s right – your favorite Michigan ‘foilers are now (almost) completely mobile!

For the next few weeks, you’ll find ‘foilers accessible throughout Southeast Michigan (and sometimes beyond!) working from their homes, coffee shops and other favorite locales (the Detroit Institute of Arts’ Kresge Court is a personal favorite of mine!). For days we prefer an office environment and/or would like to meet in-person, you can find us at our temporary working space at Regus Southfield or working with one of our partners at Automation Alley or TechTown.

As an integrated marketing communications agency specializing in tech communications, we’ve long preached the benefits of using technology to make workspaces modern and more efficient. Our own staff has enjoyed flexible hours and remote working for years, enabled by the laptops, cloud software and other resources we’ve provided to make their lives more balanced and productive. Now, we’re taking it to the next level.

We look forward to sharing our experiences with you, as we enjoy a month of limited commutes and sharing workspaces with our pets. But more importantly, we’re looking forward to putting our tech philosophy to work and demonstrating that higher thinking, productivity and positive results can happen anywhere, regardless of space.