As we shared in December, Airfoil was preparing for the exhilarating time that is the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Post-event, we’re happy to report we’ve survived CES and more importantly, our clients at the show thrived.

Airfoil team members, or ‘Foilers as we affectionately call them, facilitated and hosted 1,225 media interactions during CES, including pre-show briefings, press events and show floor meetings. These interactions resulted in more than 1,200 pieces of media coverage and several billion impressions. Airfoil clients were awarded 19 best of CES designations from outlets such as Mashable, Popular Mechanics, Engadget, WIRED and more.

Automotive took center stage at CES 2015, particularly the autonomous vehicle. Airfoil client Delphi hosted a limited number of top tier media for ride and drives showcasing its autonomous vehicle advancements. A pre-show feature with WIRED had the buzz going ahead of the show, leading to outlets like ABC News and PBS Newshour featuring the experience.

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015 - Airfoil

It wouldn’t be CES without new products from long-standing Airfoil partner Parrot. While the trend of drones was highly popular at CES 2015, Parrot and its team at Airfoil were celebrating the five-year anniversary of when it stole the show at CES 2010 with the first smartphone-controlled drone that sparked the consumer phenomenon. Parrot certainly celebrated its success in this category with choreographed drone shows, and the company also re-affirmed its position as a leader in automotive solutions with the debut of the RNB 6 concept. The RNB 6, which was awarded a Best of Innovation by CES and garnered Best of CES/Editor’s Choice/Top Picks of CES awards from Popular Mechanics, WIRED (slide 8) and Tom’s Hardware, offers technological advancements in connectivity and access to smart services as well as the choice today’s consumer desires through complete compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto.

Parrot also showcased multiple new connected objects with its Parrot Pot and H2O, the second-generation versions of it smart systems for plants, which still measure and analyze parameters for plant growth and now can autonomously water plants.  Parrot also introduced Zik Sport, headphones dedicated to sport that features intra-auricular biometric sensors to measure heart rate and analyze a host of other health and exercise information.

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) - netatmo

Home tech was a big topic of discussion as the promise of the smart home continues to become more of a reality every year. One of the emerging topics within the smart home discussion was facial recognition with products from Intel and Airfoil client Netatmo, which introduced WELCOME, a smart home camera featuring revolutionary face recognition technology that recognizes each family member. WIRED (slide 7), which named Netatmo’s WELCOME as one of its top 11 Top Picks of CES, stated:

“Of the home security devices we saw this week, Netatmo's Welcome camera was the most innovative, and also the most handsome.”

3D printing was a huge trend beginning last year after CES dedicated a special section of the show and 2015 was no different as the 3D printing section was a major portion the new Tech West area of CES. Airfoil client XYZprinting and its parent company New Kinpo Group continued to disrupt the 3D printing space by debuting a 3D food printer that captured the attention of the TODAY Show (4:08 mark). XYZ also showcased its daVinci product line that give 3D printing access to mainstream consumers.

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) - lima

Prior to CES, TechCrunch opined “CES is alive and thriving thanks to start-ups.” Lima was among the startups that took stage at CES, showcasing its disruptive file storage solution with support from Airfoil.

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) - solivia

The intersection of green and tech was a theme again as well. Delta Products worked with Airfoil to showcase its suite of energy-saving solutions for a smart, green lifestyle.

Want to learn more about how to capitalize on CES as a platform? We’d love to talk with you about how to make CES 2016 successful for your brand!