McDonald's announced in May of last year it would redesign its restaurants to appear more upscale. At the time, Bruce Horovitz from USA Today, who had an exclusive look at one of the first redesigned models, did question whether it would alienate McDonald’s core audience of families with children.

PhotoRecently, the McDonald’s renovations came to my neighborhood of Canton, Mich. After the full facelift was complete, I decided to gage my children’s thoughts about the new makeover. So, as we were driving by in my Dodge Grand Caravan, I decided to throw the question out to my children, “What do you think of the new McDonald’s?”

“Do you like the new look?”

The car was a bit silent. Until Luke spoke up and said, “It kinda looks like a kid’s jail.”

“What!?,” I exclaimed.

I hung a Michigan left onto Michigan Ave. to drive by one my time. Sure enough – I saw it. I saw what Luke was taking about. It did look like they transformed the McDonald’s PlayPlace into a prison from the outside.

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