Apple’s recent launch of the iPhone and the ensuing media hype got me thinking about all the great innovations of telecommunications.  I thought it might be fun to take a look at some significant telecommunication moments in time.

  • Cavemen clearly needed no other form of communication other than grunts and aggressive hand motions
  • Courier pigeon seemed to work well for most in the middle ages (or at least so Hollywood leads us to believe)
  • Native Americans used smoke signals to warn others of pending danger or to borrow a cup of sugar
  • Paul Revere rode his trusty steed hard to warn villagers of those darn Red Coats
  • The Pony Express delivered gun duel notices to cowboys far and wide
  • Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone and sparked the interest of grade school kids everywhere to prank call others
  • The rotary phone rotates 867-5309 in a matter of minutes
  • The fax machine delivers instant cruise vacation package deals over the telephone line
  • Zach Morris lights up Kelly Kopowski on his large cellular phone on Saved By The Bell
  • Al Gore invents the World Wide Web and people communicate with each other all over the world using email, instant message, blogs, etc.

Now that the iPhone appears to be the next evolution in telecommunications what is the next groundbreaking technology? Please also feel free to add to my list of telecommunications advancements.

— Allen Arnold

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