It’s hard to believe that we’re already approaching the 30 day mark in our transition from Southfield to Royal Oak. It’s been a whirlwind of activity – from cleaning out our old office to finding the best spot to create my home office.  In that time, like many of my coworkers, I’ve had peaks and I’ve had pits. Here are my top five.


1.You are working from home

This concept in its entirety is amazing. I get to do my job from the comfort of my home. The work load doesn’t diminish but the comfort level of completing these day to day tasks has increased. I could really get used to this quiet, focused work time in my slippers!

2.So long stressful commute

This alone is a reason to wake up smiling every morning. While most people are in the hustle of the morning commute, I am catching the morning news in my PJs (I know I am not the only one who lounges in their jammies) enjoying breakfast. Not only that but I have been given more than two hours back to my daily routine. Two precious hours that allow me to spend a little extra time with my daughter in the morning and make a decent meal…while it’s not gourmet, we can at least all sit down together as a family.

3. Better health

The time saved from my daily commute allows me to focus on staying active. I am up and moving around more often and I allow myself time at the start or end of the day to get outside and move around in the fresh air. As a result my mind is clear and more focused.

4. Happy dog, happy life

My 7lb fur baby Bella will be the first to tell you just how much she loves having me home. Her days are spent chasing that darn squirrel who taunts her from the yard; lazy naps in the sun and all the cuddles she can manage to get in before her two year old sister comes home  from daycare and steals all the attention.

5. I can do IT

While we do have access to IT support anytime we need while working remotely, there have been a few opportunities for me to test my IT skills. There really is nothing more satisfying than having an issue, troubleshooting it and resolving it all by myself. Becoming more self-reliant and confident in these abilities is another point on the board for remote working. Now to just take these acquired skills back to the office with me and continue to make Tony (Airfoil’s tech supervisor) proud!

wfh photo


1. I need a better coffee maker

Having come from an office with coffee on high demand, we were never at a shortage for a quick caffeine fix. The handy Keurig machine magically dispensed my personal selection of coffee flavors at the touch of a button. The on-the-spot hot cup of coffee is no more and any coffee needs after 10 am usually come from a warm up of the morning brew, piping hot out of the microwave.

2. The pile up of chores

It as though the household chore list seems to grow and grow. No matter how many times I unload the dishwasher, pick up the house or put away laundry, it just never ends (like a little house elf is having some fun at my expense). I am no longer blissfully unaware of all the crap that I want to get done in my home while I am away at work… it now taunts me thus making my husband a bit frazzled when he comes home and I have a list of things we should get done over the weekend.

3. Holiday fun

Airfoil has always gone above and beyond to live their value of fun, especially around the holidays – pot lucks, costume parties and oh the decorating!  As we approach the festive time of year it goes against every ounce of my being not to be planning the next round of festivities. These events are not only fun for me to organize, but they define our culture and strengthen our bond as Foilers. Although this year may be different, I know we will pick right back up where we left off next year!

4. I really do love my ‘foiler family!

The old saying goes “absence makes the heart grow fonder” and this could not ring more true. I often took for granted seeing my coworkers smiling faces daily and stopping for a quick chat as we line up for our morning coffee fix. Having gathered a few times with a variety of people; it’s truly a joy to sit and talk about what’s new in their lives and just how much they are enjoying this remote working experience. This time apart is a great way for each of us to realize just how much we do rely on each other and value each person’s contribution to our overall goals as an agency.

5. Anxious much?

There has been much talk about our new digs and we have seen the outline of the new space; but I am just so darn anxious to see it all done. I know that many people have stressed for many months to bring this all together. The packing, moving and cleaning from our Southfield home was exciting, but nothing compares to a fresh start in a new space. I know it will all be worth the wait and I myself am enjoying this transition time, but I am very excited to begin our residence in Royal Oak!