Airfoil Group - CES Prep 5 tips for using social media to stand out on the CES show floor Posted on September 6, 2017

Swarms of people. Hour-long taxi cab lines. Bumper-to-bumper traffic. Achy feet. If you’ve ever been to CES—one of the technology industry’s largest trade events—you know the mayhem is well worth the publicity. For one week annually, the technology industry comes together in Las Vegas to set the tone for the upcoming year. Next year, from […]

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iStock.816833566a 5 tips for engaging influencers Posted on August 24, 2017

YouTube stars, Instagram favorites and top bloggers are more than entertainment, they’re also voices your customers trust. Like a trusted friend, influencers provide third-party validation directly to your potential customers by showing them how your brand fits into their everyday lives. If you don’t already have an influencer marketing program in place, you’re missing out […]

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iStock.598912704-a Why you should be investing in social customer support Posted on August 10, 2017

Most brands have two or more owned social media channels, which are great for increasing brand awareness, driving website traffic and boosting search engine rankings. But, while brands are investing in content or ads on these channels, many are losing out on one of the most important aspects of their business: customer service. Providing customer support on social media puts you where your customers are, making it easier for them, more cost-effective for you, and saving everyone time and energy.

Tags: , , 4 tips for amplifying earned media coverage Posted on July 26, 2017

The media landscape is changing and people consume news differently now than they did 10 years ago. According to a recent study, 62 percent of Americans get their news on social media, with almost a quarter doing so often. Even though people are now getting their news via social media, it doesn’t mean they necessarily […]

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Airfoil Group - 5 Ways to Make Your Content Marketing More Effective Give your brand lift with paid social advertising Posted on April 6, 2017

Social media is increasingly a pay-to-play space, and while that has been true for many years, it doesn’t mean brands need to break the bank to drive results. Take a look at a few of our campaigns to explore what paid social ads can do for your brand. Campaign 1: Awareness campaign for a regional B2B […]

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Man chatting with chat bot on smartphone vector illustration Why Chat Bots Are Inadequate for Social Media Posted on March 21, 2017

Chatbots are nothing new – surprisingly, the technology dates to the 1950s. Chatbots in social media, however, are currently all the rage. But there are considerations to be made before overhauling your customer service efforts on social media to be trendy or because a vendor told you to. While chatbots can deliver instant information to […]

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