Consumer-Tech-2 3 lessons from National Entrepreneurship Week Posted on April 6, 2017

Throughout the calendar year, there are days, weeks or even months devoted to certain causes or groups. Such is the case for entrepreneurship. One week a year, the U.S. celebrates an important segment of the economy – entrepreneurs. This year, Airfoil supported Microsoft’s leadership role in the conversation, shining a spotlight on some of the […]

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Forming a tech startup with napkin entrepreneurs Posted on April 15, 2011

Gone are the days of writing your phone number on a napkin for a potential date.  Nowadays, it’s more common to see what some are calling napkin entrepreneurs, especially here in Silicon Valley. Since all companies start with an idea, inspiration can sometimes come in the most outlandish locations.  According to research recently conducted by […]

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What 2011 Predictions Mean for Small-Business PR Posted on February 18, 2011

At the beginning of every year, it’s always interesting to see what the next big thing is: upcoming launches, trends and to find out what’s “ahead of the curve” for the new year. Recently, I read a great piece from Kevin Casey on InformationWeek SMB predicting what the editorial staff believes to be the biggest […]

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Small-business owners face big decisions: Airfoil PR’s interview with Rieva Lesonsky Posted on February 10, 2011

Continuing our occasional feature where we interview reporters and bloggers to see what’s working, what’s next and where small businesses are headed, Airfoil PR talked with GrowBiz Media’s Rieva Lesonsky about small business in 2011.   What are the hottest SMB trends for 2011? The hottest trends at the moment seem to be the ones […]

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What’s next for technology usage in small business Posted on December 1, 2010

Every day, we talk to small businesses, the companies that market to small businesses and the reporters and influencers who cover small business. To share that knowledge, we’re starting an occasional feature where we interview reporters and bloggers to see what’s working, what’s next and where small businesses are headed. Recently, we talked to Ramon […]

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What’s an SMB? ASBDC conference highlights SMB challenges Posted on October 6, 2010

If you find yourself struggling for an answer to this question, the acronym SMB can often stand for “small- and mid-sized business.”  According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, there are roughly 27.2 million small businesses across the country, employing nearly half of the United States workforce. In addition, this hugely influential group is unsurprisingly […]

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