Awards Before you submit an award, read this Posted on April 27, 2017

I recently had the pleasure of serving as a judge for one of the communication industry’s leading awards programs. During the judging process, I began to realize the secrets that separate the award winners from those who submit awards only to have their submissions ignored. Many submissions came across the judge’s table, from large brand […]

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intces What CES taught me about the world of marketing Posted on January 18, 2016

As the week drew closer, I mentally pumped myself up for the 2016 CES show I heard so much about in the office. I was told it was going to be a busy week, but I was more than ready. I wasn't exactly sure what to expect, but before I knew it the first day […]

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Airfoil Group - NFL’s PR problem extends beyond sound protection NFL’s PR problem extends beyond sound protection Posted on January 30, 2015

Having a well-attended, anticipated media day is any publicist's dream, but for NFL PR handlers, their Super Bowl presser this week quickly became a field day. When a fan handed Seattle Seahawk Richard Sherman an iPad and asked him to watch a video, the defensive back obliged, only to be asked by NFL staffers to […]

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Airfoil Group - Finer Points, Big Picture, Go! CES Prep Starts Now featured image16 UK copyright…it’s a minefield Posted on December 18, 2014

Recently there have been some important changes to copyright law in the UK that may affect you, even if you’re based in the U.S. There are two main licensing bodies in the UK, the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA), which covers both print and digital publications, and the Newspaper Licensing Agency (NLA), which covers national daily media. Typically, your PR […]

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Top Trends from MWC 2014 Posted on March 4, 2014

  As PR professionals, it’s our job to stay on top of the news that may be relevant to our clients, not just so we are aware of what is popular, but so we also know which topics, trends, and buzz words we should use or avoid. With the amount of never-ending news stemming from […]

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The Next Conversation for Automotive Communicators Posted on March 3, 2014

  As an automotive communicator, your next conversation with vehicle buyers is far less likely to be about torque and traction and much more apt to focus on smartphones and streaming.  Today’s cars and trucks drive through a multi-channel environment, where consumers discuss vehicles 24/7 online and on screen, all across the globe. The topics […]

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