Airfoil Group - Finer Points, Big Picture, Go! CES Prep Starts Now6 Three steps to wrangle online reviews Posted on June 27, 2016

Online reputation management isn’t hard and if you’re a business owner, lack of finances to support a proper approach is a lousy excuse. Customers increasingly rely on web research to decide on every purchase decision – from cars to restaurants. For most, if not all industries, there is one way to boost sales that doesn’t […]

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Social Media’s Big Three Posted on June 24, 2010

Being a metro-Detroit native, I’ve always known the “BigThree” to signify one thing: the domestic auto all-stars Ford, GeneralMotors and Chrysler.  I’ve heard Detroit and the “Big Three” term toutedcountless times across the country in passing conversations. However, moving to Silicon Valley and studyingnew media has given me a different perspective. Do we have a […]

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