iStock.576711546 When a crisis hits, will your comms team know what to do? Posted on July 18, 2017

Disaster can strike when you least expect it. Few understand this better than Detroit’s utility company, DTE Energy. On an otherwise sunny day in March this year, winds topped speeds of 68 mph, causing more than 800,000 customer outages. Knowing a communication nightmare was afoot, DTE had to act fast in not only fixing the […]

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Airfoil Group - Using your head in the debate about autonomous vehicle thumbnail Using your head in the debate about autonomous vehicles Posted on September 9, 2014

  Before Airfoil and before General Motors, cars were a novelty and considered highly dangerous—even suspect. The logic was that a driver of a carriage was always safer because there were “two heads” involved—that of the driver and of the horse. Each was a fail-safe for the other. Removing one of those “heads” was akin […]

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How the Bad Old Days May Bring Crises to New Companies Posted on April 3, 2014

  It’s been a bad month for the transportation industry. The mysterious story of a vanished airliner that rivaled “Lost” for audience size and discussion, a derailed train that climbed an escalator at O’Hare in the middle of the night, and 1.6 million GM cars recalled  for a faulty ignition switch. While the first two […]

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Redefining “crisis” for the next decade Posted on November 22, 2010

Crisis management has been a vital point of focus for businesses for a century, but as we look toward the decade of the 2010s, organizations will find that they need to redefine their concept of the term “crisis” to incorporate new types of threats. Traditionally, the crisis plans of manufacturers and service companies have revolved […]

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