Money and Pig 3 things that may be hurting your business…and costing you money Posted on May 24, 2017

Some things just go together. Batman and Robin. Macaroni and cheese. Romeo and Juliet. But, when it comes to the greatest duos of all time, any successful business decision-maker knows one stands above the rest: marketing and sales. Like any great team, they’re far more effective when they work together. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the […]

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Airfoil Group - Detroit Tigers ballpark pic How to Build a Great Team: Detroit Tigers Edition Posted on June 9, 2015

May 13 was a normal day at the office until I got the chance to meet the entire lineup of the Detroit Tigers. The Detroit Economic Club had a lunch to celebrate the start of the season at MotorCity Casino in Detroit. Having that many phenomenal baseball players in one room was surreal. We heard from […]

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Detroit LVS Blog 5 Companies to Watch from TechWeek Detroit 2015 Posted on April 30, 2015

Where else can you find a group of entrepreneurs that truly care if the others make it? Where else can one company do with $5,000 what other tech hotbeds in the U.S. do with $100,000? That’s Detroit for you. Silicon Garage – as some call Detroit – has the potential to recreate itself with the […]

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Airfoil Group - Innovative workplace solutions at CES The Sharing Economy Posted on October 29, 2014

Who knew an enormous pink mustache attached to the grill of a car would be the sign of economic upheaval? If you’ve noticed one in your area then you know Lyft has arrived.  Marketed as “your friend with a car,” Lyft, and other ridesharing or vehicle sharing services such as UberX and Sidecar, are transforming […]

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Airfoil Group - Tim Howard pic What Your Business Can Learn from Tim Howard Posted on July 3, 2014

  Tim Howard, the goalkeeper for U.S. Men’s National Soccer Team (or for our global friends, Futbol), is being hailed as one of the best goalies in the 2014 World Cup. His performance during the Belgium-U.S. match provides a great example of his focus and skill level, and while the U.S. lost the game, Tim […]

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What’s hot with Marcom in 2014? Posted on March 13, 2014

  With the recent enhancements in technology here are a few things that are going to change the way that we do business. Need for insight-driven data First, there will be a strong push for analytical tools that will provide more interest-driven data on the online consumers.  Marketers want to know where they shop online, […]

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