Q4 Micro Blog 1 How to ensure your brand is telling the right story Posted on February 9, 2017

2016 marked a shift from traditional marketing to brand storytelling. As we look towards the next three years, marketing professionals will need to master emerging trends and find unique ways to insert brands into these conversations – some of which may already be on your radar (think VR) but others you don’t yet dare to […]

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Social-Media-2 3 easy ways for your business to draw more millennials (and yes, they are brand loyal!) Posted on August 12, 2016

Many perceptions follow millennials around, and while some, I must admit, stand true (technology/social media-obsessed, tend to be job-hoppers), there are several I don’t agree with (lazy, unmotivated, narcissistic). When it comes to targeting millennials, some marketing strategists tend to think that this group is not brand loyal and is impossible to pin down. In […]

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Airfoil Group - Truth about cats, dogs & your coworkers The Truth About Cats and Dogs… and How it Relates to Your Coworkers Posted on June 26, 2015

It’s true, you can learn a thing or two from your pets. And I don’t just mean responsibility or how to care for something other than yourself. Recently, I rescued a dog from the K9 Stray Rescue League and introduced her into my home. She has been a joy and a learning experience for me. […]

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Airfoil Group - Finer Points, Big Picture, Go! CES Prep Starts Now featured image10 On the Rise – Two Hot Trends to Watch This Year Posted on April 28, 2015

Recently I’ve been reading about a few spaces and companies I think are poised for great growth this year and beyond. Low and No Code Development – Citizen developers are defined by Gartner as end users who create business applications within the sanctions of the corporate IT environment. Think about the game-changing power of that. […]

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Airfoil Group - Slow Roll Starts a Detroit Movement, Receives Global Praise Slow Roll Starts a Detroit Movement, Receives Global Praise Posted on October 3, 2014

Detroit is in the midst of a resurgence and there's no better way to demonstrate that than looking at the impact of Slow Roll. Slow Roll is Detroit's weekly bicycle meet up. Traversing anywhere from nine to 14 miles between Detroit's popular landmarks, and sometimes forgotten gems, Slow Roll attracts more than 3,000 riders each […]

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Airfoil Group - Marketing Consulting Firm Reveals Recipe for Brand Nudity Stand Out: 6.5 Paths to Strategic Audacity Posted on September 26, 2014

For those of us in the marketing profession, the bar is constantly being raised. Marketers are faced with a number of challenges: understanding new technologies, measuring program impact and internal stakeholders expectations for ROI. Amid all of this, standout creative is still the “killer app” for which marketing and communications are valued—and without it, solving the other problems is tougher, […]

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