Taking flight with new categories

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The Challenge

Today, the consumer-drone industry is a 4.5-billion-dollar business. That had to start somewhere, and it was at CES 2010. With award-winning help from Airfoil, Parrot debuted its groundbreaking AR.Drone at that show, launching a multi-billion-dollar market in the process. Creating a product category from scratch and helping it evolve is a serious task, but it’s only part of the story. When the market shifts and your client changes course, how do you navigate the turbulent air?

The Airfoil Solution

Things have changed since the genre-defining AR.Drone first took flight. Competitors abound, indoor space at CES is a no-fly zone, and fewer reporters book meetings at the show. To address new challenges, Airfoil coordinated pre-briefings in the days before CES, then created unique opportunities to fly drones at private events throughout the year. Recently, Parrot expanded its UAV offerings into the commercial and educational spaces; the company’s drone lineup now includes everything from $100 toys to $3,500 crop-monitoring solutions. The evolution required an redefinition of Airfoil’s media strategy, targeting new events and outlets for professional markets.

The Results

Airfoil’s CES and consumer-tech strategies have become long-term successes. Early access helped Parrot earn “Best of CES” awards from WIRED, The Verge, and Popular Science, while unique demo events generated more than 120 stories from the likes of Wall Street Journal, USA Today, CNET, TechCrunch, and Engadget. Add it up, and you get a combined readership in the hundreds of millions. Media coverage in the commercial and educational spaces are also gaining momentum. Airfoil has coordinated media briefings and executive interviews at InterDrone and World Ag Expo, landing Parrot’s expanded focus in a Frost & Sullivan report. And Parrot’s educational drones were featured on a Cheddar TV segment, establishing the company as a leader in a brand-new category.

Category Creation and Media Relations

“With every product launch and event, we set the bar higher and higher and Airfoil continues to deliver.”

Vanessa Loury, Head of PR & Communications